The Benefits of Working with Pixis

At Pixis, we understand that every business is different.

That is why YOUR business’s software must be custom designed and implemented to fit its exact needs. In this highly competitive digital age, we believe it is not good enough that your technology be one-size-fits-all.

We are truly interested in developing software that delivers transformative solutions…
 software and applications that take your business to the next level.

Platforms, Personalized

No matter if your business needs desktop capabilites, web-based programs, or apps, we can build them, AND make them communicate with each other.

Your Own Pace

Our Progressive Projects are planned to meet your company’s immediate needs, and long-term plans, at the speed and budget you need.


Continuing Care

Our Tech Check Maintenance Plan ensures your Pixis software stays current with upgrades, updates to functionality, and compatibilities.


Your Development Partner

Your outsourced development needs can be handled by Pixis Development Team, connecting you with a dedicated team with NO OVERHEAD to your business. We can customize our services, whether you need on-demand programming for one-time builds, or an account team for ongoing projects.


The Pixis development team comes to you, ready to hire and able to start working on your project quickly. The best part — we bring the whole team. From project developers to custom coders, we’ve got you covered. No more hiring and firing. No more overhead.


You’ll never hear the words


With over 10 years experience in the custom software development business, helping global organizations to dynamic startups, we find solutions and make the ‘impossible’ a reality nationwide.

Make your software wishlist come true.

A custom solution can reduce your long term maintenance costs.

Want to talk to us? We have sales and support agents ready to chat.

Construction software integration for better project tracking and reporting

Find the right support package to fit your needs.

As a referral, reseller, or technology partner, we can enhance your offering.