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We started out consulting for Master Builder (now Sage 100 Contractor) and we soon discovered a need for custom integrations. Over the years we also learned Sage 300 CRE and partnered with other software companies to develop integrations with their software. We have also expanded our offerings to include stand alone custom desktop, web, and mobile applications.


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We Know Custom Development

All of our software solutions are completely custom developed to your business’ specific needs. That being said, pricing for these custom software solutions differs depending on the features and complexities you wish to add. Although every project is different, we’ve outlined me sample custom software development costs for certain projects.

For more specific pricing information, contact our Pixis Development Team.

// Pricing tiers

For integrations


$ 2.5K-5K

  • Import a file (csv, txt, excel)
  • Export a file (csv, txt)
  • This is typically for import payroll hours or updating amounts
  • Manually initiated


$ 5K-20K

  • This would be for multiple modules for importing and exporting such as customers, jobs, AR, AP through an API from one another software.
  • This can be scheduled to run at intervals



  • This could be a data import from an API or file(s) and combined with business logic to fix data before being imported
  • This could be many modules with scheduled imports and exports to another software via API’s (Customers, Jobs, AR, AP, GL, Payroll)
  • Can be part of a larger stand alone program
// Pricing tiers

For custom apps


$ 15K-35K

  • Single or limited users and functionality, smaller size/scale project
  • Limited user security profiles
  • Can be integrated with accounting or other programs
  • Basic UI and functionality



  • Custom web application development
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Reporting and complex business logic
  • Can serve as phases of an Enterprise Project



  • Corporate-wide full feature applications with data-driven web applications
  • Multiple user profiles and advanced user security
  • Scalable, Secure Cloud Deployment and Management
  • Can be integrated with accounting or other programs
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Variables that Affect Pricing

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